Dear Clients,

Our company has been providing real estate services to expatriates since 1995. The quality and reliability of its services is beyond doubt and our firm and employees are regarded by many embassies, companies, and persons as their partner.   

Our firm charges a fee for its services in accordance with a minimum fee tariff established by the Association of Estate Agents. This one-time fee is equal to one month’s rent stipulated in the lease on condition that it is paid on the date when the lease is executed.  

The Association of Estate Agents defines the service as follows: “Various flats are offered to the prospective tenant so that he can select one of them. Conditions set by the landlord are explained to him. A lease is drawn up and executed by both sides after reaching an agreement on those conditions and the flat and its keys are handed over to the tenant. A commission equal to one month’s rent is paid to the estate agent and the process is thus completed. After the completion of services, the estate agent will have no liability and the landlord and the tenant have to deal with any issue among themselves.”

Many embassies and companies prefer us because;

They can easily reach us and seek assistance in the event of a problem which may arise between the landowner and the tenant after the execution of a lease;

They can ask us to send a repairman when a fixture in the leased flat malfunctions;

They can ask us to send several beds, pillows, and blankets from the warehouse because they do not want to spend the night at a hotel due to a delay in the arrival of the container used for transporting their articles;

They can ask us to send a carpenter, electrician or a fitter as soon as possible when they are moving;

They can call us when they experience a problem with their neighbors in the same apartment block;

They can ask us to resolve the problem with the manager when they want to install their satellite dishes on the roof;

When there is a temporary power cut or interreption in water supply because of a failure, they can call and angrily ask us to provide an explanation only in order to vent their anger;

They can ask us to make necessary arrangements for connection of electricity, water, telephone, and ADSL lines after moving to a flat or to disconnect those lines and obtain a letter stating that they have no outstanding obligation and to deliver it to the landlord after moving from the flat;

They like and regard us their close friends;

An embassy or a company does not have to employ several employees to provide such services.  

They also prefer us because they know from their previous experience that no other real estate would provide services which they receive from us for three or four years in consideration of a one month’s rent paid as a commission or they would not even be able to access other estate agents. 

Sincerely yours,

General Manager

We are “EXPAT SERVICE ANATOLIA” ESA; a services manage, coordination and real estate company. Imagine, that you go to a fully unknown country and have to deal with a very different environment from the one you are used to. We are here to give you a helping hand, to support and assist you to fulfill your objectives and make your dreams come true. We founded “EXPAT SERVICE ANATOLIA” in order to welcome the guests of our country and make them feel as comfortable as they would at home. Our cooperation makes the Power of Partnership! We help employees of international corporations and organizations with their stay in Turkey. We offer properties for every taste, according to the client's special needs and objectives. We organize smooth relocations, with the best care of individuals and their families. Our staff and partners are well experienced professionals. They are familiar with the difficulties and problems that an expat can face, when moving to another country. You can rely on us to efficiently manage your package of services and direct you to the best possible person or company corresponding to your special needs.

We have assisted our clients with:    Property rental/purchase and furniture requirements   Facility finding and property management services,  Medical services.

Please look at ESA EXPAT SERVICES ANATOLIA   www.expatanatolia.com

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